Welcome Back!

COVID-19 Protocols for Attending Mass at St. Leonard Parish

Beginning Ash Wednesday, February 17th, public Masses will resume at St. Leonard Parish. We are excited to gather again as a parish family. Our goal is to come back together following diocesan protocol given to us by Archbishop Prendergast. Safety is our primary priority and we aim to make the transition back to public Mass as seamless as possible. Your patience and charity are appreciated as we do this together. Please remember: The obligation for all Catholics in this diocese to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended until future notice.

Before Arriving at the Church

  • Seating in the Church is limited to approximately 70 people to maintain social distancing.
  • Mass Times for this reopening phase are:
    • 9:00 a.m. Wednesday to Friday
    • 4:30 p.m. Saturday
    • 9:00 a.m. Sunday
    • 11:00 a.m. Sunday
  • Doors open 30 minutes before mass.
  • Ushers will check reservation confirmations before entering the church.
  • All Sunday Masses will be livestreamed during this phase.
  • Parishioners, who do not have access to the Internet, may call the church office (613-692-4254) to preregister. 
  • There are seats in the Nave and in the Hall. Video and audio of the Mass will be provided in the Hall. Come early before Mass in order to have your choice of seat (Nave or Hall).
(Note that registration is not required for the weekday Masses)

Entry to the Church

  • If parishioners feel unwell and/or show any COVID-19 symptoms, they must stay home.
  • Parishioners should arrive at least 15 minutes before mass. The Church door will open 30 minutes before mass.
  • There is no congregating in the parking lot.
  • Parishioners will form two lines keeping 2-metre distancing with one line from the Church parking lot and one line from the school parking lot.
  • There is parking in the two south handicap spots. There is no parking in the north spots in front of the church.
  • Each parishioner must wear a mask. Masks will be provided on an emergency basis only.
  • A greeter will check your reservation at the door.
  • After being cleared by the greeter, an usher guides each group to their seat. Early arrivers have a choice of Nave or Hall. When the Nave is full, parishioners will be directed to sit in the Hall.


  • During mass, parishioners remain in their seats. No one is allowed to stand in the Church in an undesignated spot.
  • Parents must accompany their children at all times. If a child is prone to wandering, do not bring the child.
  • There is no singing. Social distancing for singing is 4 metres as opposed to 2 meters.
  • There is no collection. There is a drop box at the entrance to the church.
  • Use of the washroom is for emergency only.
  • During communion, parishioners remain at their place and the communion distributors move to give out communion.

Broadcasting the Mass

  • The video of the mass will be played on the television in the Church Hall and the sound will be sent through the speakers in the Hall.
  • The mass will be broadcast on the Internet with access available on the parish website.

Exiting the Church

  • Parishioners are asked to take everything with them. No garbage left.
  • Parishioners in the Nave leave first as guided by the ushers, leaving from the back of the Nave first.
  • Parishioners in the Hall leave after all the parishioners in the Nave have left, leaving from the East side first.
  • Parishioners must leave the Church directly, enter their vehicles, and leave. There is no congregating.
  • There is no leaving the Mass early.


Thank You for your patience and understanding!