St. Leonard Catholic Church
Manotick, Ont
Monthly E-Newsletter for Sept 2016
Thank you for subscribing to the St. Leonard's monthly E-Newsletter. This month we hope to welcome Father Titus back and the Parish introduces a new vision statement. Stay tuned, key focus areas and objectives for this year to follow!

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Pastor's Message
Suffering as a Blessing
Greetings my dear parishioners. I would like to begin by thanking all of you for your support and prayers over this last month. I am recovering well from the stroke I suffered on August 1st and I am currently back at home and undergoing rehab at the Bruyere Center.
In many ways I have come to look on this experience as a blessing. Coming face-to-face with my human frailty and the finite nature of my time here on earth draws me closer to the love of God. Jesus himself said that "Unless I let go, the Spirit will not come" John 16:7. For it is in our brokenness that we reach out to the Lord. God is restoring my strength and I feel that He is calling me to love more, especially when I encounter others that are going through traumatic life events. When we reach out to others with true love and compassion we can be part of God's plan to restore health, relationships and well-being to all those that are suffering. As I sit here today I believe more fervently than ever, that this is God's call to me and to you, my fellow disciples of Christ. Be the loving face, the hands and feet of Christ here on earth!
My hope is to rejoin you all at the Parish soon. In the meantime, over the summer months, Pastoral Council has been working on an action plan to implement a new Parish Vision that we have been working on for quite some time. This new vision is all about growing committed disciples of Christ and over the next few months we will share these plans with you and look for leaders and new volunteers to move these plans forward so that St. Leonard's can answer the call to "Go out and make disciples of all the nations". Matt 28:19
Thanks again for all of your prayers and may the love of God flow through all of you this day!
Fr. Titus

Our New St. Leonard Parish Vision: Forming Disciples
" Saint Leonard Parish is a healthy and growing faith community that brings people to Christ , forms disciples and sends them out to transform the world. Every member is committed to worship , to grow , to serve , to connect , to love and to give . "

Growing your Faith 
Adult Faith Formation at St. Leonard

Adult faith formation at St. Leonard aims to deepen people's contact with Jesus Christ via educational and enrichment opportunities. Designed to touch the intellect as well as the heart, these programs help people live and experience a more Christ-centered life.
We offer two programs for adults at St. Leonard; Alpha and FORMED.

Alpha is a large group program that runs for ten weeks in the Parish Hall and provides an introduction to Christianity in an informal and fun format. When we ran the program over Lent last year we had very positive feedback from attendees and a particularly excellent response from those that attended the Saturday morning session that was focused on encountering the Holy Spirit. Our tentative dates for the next Alpha program are Wednesday evenings from Feb 8th through April 12th. In the Fall, a call will be going out for volunteers to assist with the running of the Winter program. Please consider pitching in to help out. It is a great way to be a disciple!

Great news! We have renewed our Parish subscription to the FORMED service.  FORMED offers a wide range of Catholic educational programs, videos and books to allow you to custom design your own faith development plan and to execute your plan at your own speed, anywhere that you can connect to the Internet. Check out all of the content that is available by clicking on the link  below: 
To register now for FORMED follow the instructions outlined in this E-Newsletter or visit the St. Leonard website. New content is continuing to be added, so return as often as you wish to discover more. 

    Community News 

Greetings from the Pastoral Care Team
Our team members visit local parishioners that are no longer able to attend a weekend mass. During our visits we provide some time to chat with our home bound parishioners and then provide a condensed version of the liturgy along with Holy communion. During the summer months, our team members were asked to assist with visiting Orchard View in Greely for the 11:20 am Chapel service.  This has added an additional logistical challenge,  but with a willing and diverse team, we meet it head on.  It is a pleasure to introduce our team members, first initiated and led by Barry Gauthier, Carol Dailey, Agatha and John Thissen, Hilda Cambareri, Erin D'angela and Daniel Giguere.  These short visits are very welcoming to those who receive but we as team members are honored to be able to offer our time during these visits.
We have met many and remember those that are no longer with us. If you would like a visit from a team member please contact the office at 613 692-4254.   
May God continue to Bless our parishioners, Team members and our Ministry.
Marc Wood, Team Leader 
Grand Knight's Welcome

As the new Grand Knight of the Manotick Council, I sincerely welcome all our council members back from the summer break. My first task as Grand Knight is to thank our Past Grand Knight, Brain Fritsch, for a job well done. His leadership, integrity and commitment shined bright throughout his term. As our Past Grand Knight, Brian will continue great his support of the council.

The Knights of the Manotick Council are anticipating another busy and rewarding season.  We are looking forward again to working collaboratively with the Catholic Woman's League and other organizations within the church in order to continue to build a sense of community and support worthy charities. Among other things, the Knights believe in the old adage that "many hands make light work". I encourage all Brothers to invest some time to help others; and we as the Council of Manotick encourage any men who are interested to consider joining our noble effort. If you are interested, you can contact me directly or feel free to approach one of our members at any time (look for someone wearing the blue badge.
Your Grand Knight, Jim Kile

What's on in Sept    
Travel With Father Titus: Grand Tour of Catholic Italy May 7-17, 2017
Travel with Father Titus to Rome, Florence. Assisi, and Padua/Venice in the Spring of 2017.
For further information visit our website
Sept. 11  Coffee Sunday Resumes
Sept. 14  Knights of Columbus Meeting
Sept. 17  Confirmation Information Meeting at 10:00 am
Sept. 20  Confirmation Information Meeting at 6:30 pm
Sept. 21  Parish Planning Committee Meeting at 7:00 pm 
Sept. 27  First Holy Communion Information Meeting 7:00 pm
Sept. 28  CWL Meeting 7:00 pm 

Starting Sept 11th, after the 9 am and 11 am Sunday masses, coffee will be served in the Parish Hall. Click on the Parish Calendar for a full listing of upcoming meetings and events.
Grow your Faith Online:
Sign on to get FORMED 

Our parish has recently renewed a subscription to a website called FORMED
, which is a digital gateway to great Catholic content. If you registered for FORMED over the last twelve months please use the email and password that you previously set-up for access.  
If you are new to FORMED, to get ongoing FREE ACCESS to all programs and downloadable PDF guides, movies and e-books please take note of the following: 
  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter the parish code in the empty box as follows: d274f7
  3. Create a personal profile by entering the info requested (e.g. name, address, email address, etc.).
*IMPORTANT: Please note that you are required to create your own password in order to login after having created your personal profile.
  1. Check the box next to: "I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy."
  2. Click on the button: "Submit Profile".
  3. You're signed in! Feel free to browse the various programs on the site!
  4. To log out when you're finished, click on "My Account" and then "Sign Out".
  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on the button marked "Login".
  3. Enter the personal email address you used to create your own personal profile.
  4. Enter the personal password that you created when you made your own personal profile.
  5. Click on the button which says "Submit".
  6. You're signed in! Feel free to browse!
Please note that if you are using the Firefox browser you must disable the Flash plug-in to view the videos. Please  review these instructions to learn how to disable Flash plugin for your browser.
If you require further assistance, please call toll free at 1-844-FORMED1 (1-844-367-6331) or via email at . We hope you enjoy the use of this invaluable resource now and in the future.