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E-Newsletter for Sunday, Nov 29th
This Sunday marks the first Sunday of Advent. Only 27 days to Christmas. The Christmas Mass schedule is now available. Please be sure to make your Christmas Mass reservation early!

All are welcome to join us at our socially distanced weekend and weekday Masses. Please visit for more details and to register for one of our three Saturday/Sunday Masses. No reservations are needed for weekday Mass.
Pastor's Message
“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”

This Sunday marks the start of a new liturgical year and is also the first Sunday of Advent. The word Advent comes from the Latin adventus meaning “coming” or “arrival.” We focus on the Lord Jesus’ coming. While many people are spending their days preparing to celebrate Christmas and the First Coming of Jesus in His birth in Bethlehem, the Gospel reading calls us to reflect on Jesus’ Second Coming at the end of time or at least at the end of our personal time here on earth.

Today’s Gospel uses the short parable of the servants and the gatekeeper of an absentee master who could return at any time. Jesus instructs his followers to be alert and watchful while doing their Christian duties with sincerity. The gatekeeper and the household servants are expected to be ever vigilant because their master is sure to return. Although the time of his return is uncertain, but the reward or punishment is sure and certain. Jesus says to his disciples: “Be watchful! Be alert!” (Mark 13:33)

The message of the Gospel is that vigilant service prepares us for the coming of Christ as our saviour during Christmas and as our judge and Lord at the end of the world. The reason why the liturgical year ends and begins with the same theme is clear: if we have already embraced Jesus in his first coming, we will have no fear of his second coming. Advent is the season of special preparation for and expectation of the coming of Christ. It encourages us to examine our lives, to reflect on our need for God to enter our lives, ask for forgiveness and eagerly await the coming of Christ. Advent is not simply a waiting for someone who has not yet come. Instead, it is a period for enjoyment of the gift of Jesus who has come to save us; and who will come again to reward us.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the 20th century German theologian and martyr is quoted as saying, "The celebration of Advent is possible only to those who are troubled in soul, who know themselves to be poor and imperfect, and who look forward to something greater to come." More recently Bishop Robert Barron has commented that, “The biggest challenge of this season (Advent) is to feel the need for a saviour. Until we appreciate what it feels like to be lost and helpless, we cannot really appreciate our need for a saviour.”

These days our culture says that we should be able to save ourselves. The biblical view is that because of sin we have become disconnected from our true purpose. We are made for love and connection and so often we seem to be directed towards the opposite. As Bishop Barron says, “when are very will itself has been perverted, we cannot save ourselves through an act of our will.”

“O come, O come, Emmanuel, And ransom captive Israel.” This line from the most famous Advent hymn beautifully describes our real need for a savior. We cannot save ourselves and we need someone from the outside to pay the ransom for us. A saviour. We wait and watch for his coming so that we may “Rejoice, Rejoice” when “Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.” 

As we continue to struggle through this global pandemic, my prayer for you is that this Advent season be a time of hopeful longing and joyful expectation. May the arrival of a Covid-19 vaccine on the horizon give us hope for the days to come. And may our spiritual preparation throughout this next four weeks allow us to enter fully and joyfully into the celebration of the birth of Jesus, our saviour.

God bless you folks, Father Gerard
St. Leonard's Virtual
Children's Liturgy
As we continue to navigate the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, The St. Leonard Children’s Liturgy Team offers virtual Children’s Liturgy of the Word videos to keep our children connected to their faith! The videos include prayers, the week’s Gospel reading, lessons, all geared for our younger parishioners.
Christmas and New Year's Mass Schedule
Due to capacity and social distancing restrictions caused by the pandemic, ALL SEATING FOR CHRISTMAS EVE AND CHRISTMAS DAY MASSES WILL BE VIA PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY (ONLINE or Via TELEPHONE).
If a Mass is fully booked there will be NO WALK-IN SEATING allowed. Please note that only families living under the same roof may register together.

We appreciate your understanding as we strive to safely accommodate as many people as possible during this challenging time of pandemic.
You can make reservations by visiting or by calling the parish office at (613) 692-4254.

Thursday, Dec 24th: 4:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 7:00 p.m., 8:30 p.m.

Friday, Dec 25th: 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m.

New Year’s Day, Friday, Jan 1st: 10:00 am
Regular Mass Times

Registration is required for all Weekend Masses. Please note that no reservations are required for Weekday Masses. You can make reservations by visiting or by calling the parish office at (613) 692-4254.  

  • Wednesday-Friday: 9 a.m.
  • Saturday: 4:30 p.m.
  • Sunday: 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Confession times

  • Saturday 3:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Office Hours

  • Tuesday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Masses Online

You are encouraged to join us in person for Mass this weekend if possible. As well, you can watch all Masses from St. Leonard online at the scheduled Mass times (listed above) by clicking here.
Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon

Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermons will air every Sunday morning at 8:15 AM Eastern Time. Click on Bishop Barron’s YouTube channel and then chose the Sunday you wish to view.

Reading 1, Isaiah 63:16-17, 19
Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 80:2-3, 15-16, 18-19
Reading 2, First Corinthians 1:3-9
Gospel, Mark 13:33-37
Amor Dei Christmas Hamper Program-2020

As a result of the COVID-19 restrictions of Social Distancing and Limited Gatherings Amor Dei is proposing a different initiative for this years “Christmas Hamper Program”. Rather than gathering in the church hall to organize and stage our traditional Christmas Hampers we are suggesting a different strategy.

We would like to call on the support and involvement of our Parish Family, in volunteering to “adopt” one or more of our needy families this Christmas Season.

How does that work?

We are simply asking for volunteers to organize the Christmas Hamper themselves, at home. Volunteers would be asked to grocery shop for their adopted family, add a few gifts for the adults only (Maximum of $25.00 each) and to deliver the hampers to the church at a designated time. Amor Dei will look after the rest.

If interested in “adopting” a family this year or to learn more about this project please contact; Roxy McCarthy (613) 692-3678 or Deltra VanDongen (613) 298-2660.
If you would rather support an Amor Dei family through a monetary or gift card donation, it would also be so gratefully appreciated
Next Virtual Youth Alpha Night is Saturday, December 5th 7-8:30 pm! 
Come hang out virtually with your peers and also take in Youth Alpha.

Topic: “The Devil”
To join, email Colleen O’Mahony-Menton before 6:45 pm, Dec 5th (
Getting to Know St. Leonard Parish
An Update From the Parish's Catholic Women's League (CWL)
Thank You For Your Financial Support!
Please remember your local parish during these extraordinary circumstances. If you are able to provide financial support to St. Leonard's , please consider making a donation online or you can mail your envelope to the Church at the following address:
St. Leonard Roman Catholic Parish
5332 Long Island Road
Manotick, Ontario
K4M 1E8
Faith Formation
Introducing a New Advent Journey for You and Your Family
Join the Augustine Institute for the Road to Bethlehem a journey that includes daily Advent reflections and enrichment from FORMED. You will receive handpicked videos, talks, and texts every day throughout Advent to nourish your spiritual life. Sign up today to prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus at Christmas!
Lectio Divina with St. Leonard Parish

You are invited to join with other parishioners for Lectio Divina. Make this Advent a spiritual preparation for Christmas.  The practice, a treasure preserved by Benedictines and Carmelites, is a wonderful way to meditate on God’s Word and prepare to celebrate the next Sunday's Eucharist. There is a daytime session and an evening session (about 45 minutes) to fit your schedule. Contact Andrew and Eileen Brown
( for the link and more details.

Archbishop Albert Legatt of St. Boniface, Manitoba describes Lectio Divina in a family setting:
An Introduction to Advent

Brother Francis introduces this year's Advent season.
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If we strive to show others the love of God and speak with truth and charity, we can adopt a more positive attitude towards our brothers and sisters.
Have you ever felt like God really wanted you to do something, but you just weren’t ready for it? 
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