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St. Leonard Catholic Parish Manotick, Ont "Welcome Back!" We are open for the public observance of Mass this weekend at 15% of our seating capacity (46 attendees per Mass). All social distancing restrictions continue to be in...







St. Leonard Catholic Parish

Manotick, Ont


"Welcome Back!"












We are open for the public observance of Mass this weekend at 15% of our seating capacity (46 attendees per Mass). All social distancing restrictions continue to be in force and all attendees must continue to wear a mask. Pre-registration is required for all weekend Masses. 


Kindly register here for this weekend: (stleonardsparishca.flo...) or through the St. Leonard website on an ongoing basis. Registration for the following weekend's Masses will be open starting Monday morning at 25% of our maximum seating capacity.  If you do not have a computer, please contact Susan in the Parish office before noon on Fridays and she will gladly help you out. 


All weekend and weekday Masses from St. Leonard's will be Livestreamed at the time that they are scheduled to our YouTube Channel. To visit this site click here. The 4:30 pm Saturday Mass will be recorded and made available on Saturday evening here.


Please note, there will be no morning Mass Wed June 30, Thurs July 1, Fri July 2.












God's Justice and Its Rejection by the Wicked • Wisdom 1:13-15; 2:23-24 Liberal Giving • 2 Corinthians 8:7, 9, 13-15 

The Daughter of Jairus; The Woman With a Hemorrhage • Mark 5:21-43 or 5:21-24, 35-43












Pastor's Message: The Compassion of Jesus










The Gospel from last Sunday (Jesus Calms the Storm) challenged us to find hope and confidence in God’s power and mercy. We were presented with a clear message that as our faith grows stronger, our fear diminishes. In this Sunday’s readings we see the great love and compassion of Jesus on full display and, as His disciples, we too are called to reach out to our family members and neighbors with this same love and compassion.










God desires that we live.  Death has never been God’s primary plan for humans. God wants us to experience life.  True life can be experienced only by those who put their faith and trust in God.  In the First Reading, the Wisdom writer reminds us that death did not originate from God but from evil (both human evil and the evil that comas from the devil).  In the Second Reading, St. Paul writes to the people of Corinth informing them that God’s plan, in and through Jesus, is that we all share in the richness of divine life and share what earthly wealth we have, particularly with those who have less, thus we will all experience the richness of God.  


In the Gospel today, Jesus gives new life to two females:  first to the woman suffering from hemorrhages, and secondly, to the sick daughter of a synagogue official. The story of the healing of the bleeding woman is sandwiched between the beginning and the ending of the story of the raising of the daughter of the synagogue official.  Both stories declare the desire of Jesus to bring a new experience of life to those who seem to be at death’s doors.  Both stories show the power of God’s love and need for faith and trust in God.  


Jairus and the woman who was hemorrhaging both were certain that Jesus could and would restore life and good health. Jesus said to Jairus, “Do not be afraid; just have faith” (Mark 5:36) and his daughter was restored to life. And to the woman that believed just touching his cloak would bring healing, Jesus said, “Daughter, your faith has saved you. Go in peace and be cured of your affliction.” (Mark 5:34) Because of their faith and the compassion of Jesus, life was renewed.


Faith is not just believing God can do something. Faith is not just hoping he will do something. Faith is thanking God in advance. It is believing that what God has promised, He will provide. It is saying you love God for who He is and not just what He can do for you. It is showing you trust Him to do what He said He will do. Jesus said, “When you pray and ask for something, believe that you have received it, and you will be given whatever you ask for” (Mark 11:24 GNT).


Jesus came with a revolutionary message of God’s kingdom—a kingdom accessible only by faith. It required loving obedience to God, as well as loving service to brothers and sisters in God’s family and to every member of the human family. Love was its one all-inclusive law, a love that Jesus spelled out in his Sermon on the Mount, and a love that fulfilled the Ten Commandments. The controlling attitude and behavior in this new order is to be compassionate. To demonstrate love in action, and to provide caring concern for others—all of which was modeled by Jesus himself.

Perhaps Henri Nouwen, the Catholic theologian, has said this better than anyone else. The author of many books, Nouwen speaks of Christians as “wounded healers” who have compassion. “Compassion is not pity. Pity lets us stay at a distance. It is condescending. Compassion is not sympathy. Sympathy is for superiors to give to inferiors. Compassion is not charity. Charity is for the rich to continue in their status over the poor. Compassion is born of God. It means entering into the other person’s problems. It means taking on the burdens of the other. It means standing in the other person’s shoes. It is the opposite of professionalism. It is the humanizing way to deal with people.”


Jesus is full of compassion for Jairus and the woman who reached out to touch his cloak. He felt their pain and was moved to help them. What about you? There has been no shortage of pain and suffering around us for the last fourteen months. Have you felt your family member’s or neighbour’s pain and reached out to help? Step out in faith today and put love into action. Let the compassion of Jesus be your guide and know that Jesus will be with you ever step of the way!


God bless you folks, Father Gerard














Regular Mass Times

Registration is required for all Weekend Masses. Please note that no reservations are required for Weekday Masses. You can make reservations by visiting or, if you don't have a computer, by calling the parish office at (613) 692-4254 .    

  • Wednesday-Friday: 9 am (there will be no Mass June 30, July 1, July 2)
  • Saturday: 4:30 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am and 11:00 am

Regular Confession times

Saturday 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm










All Weekend and Weekday Masses from St. Leonard's will be Livestreamed at the time that they are scheduled to our YouTube Channel. To visit this site click here. The 4:30 pm Saturday Mass will be recorded and made available on Saturday evening here.












Virtual Children's Liturgy


The 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time - The All Powerful God. This will be the Last Children's Liturgy Video of the Summer. I want to thank everyone for watching, and I encourage you to keep learning!

Elena Wilson 











Time to Return to Mass! 


The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life. There is nothing more important. In this short video Bishop Robert Baron encourages everyone—for whomever it’s possible and safe to do so—to go back to Mass.












Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon


Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermons will air every ‪Sunday morning at 8:15 AM Eastern Time. Click on Bishop Barron’s YouTube channel and then chose the Sunday you wish to view.














Join Father Gerard for the Trip of a Lifetime! 

Save the Dates, Spring 2022


Next Spring from April 28th to May 8th, Father Gerard will be providing the spiritual leadership on the trip of lifetime to tour Egypt and its world of ancient wonders.

Itinerary Overview

Thu April 28:  flight(s) to Cairo

Fri April 29:  arrive Cairo

Sat April 30:  great pyramids of Giza & Tut’s treasures

Sun May 1:  old Cairo

Mon May 2:  fly to Luxor-cruise the Nile-Karnak & Luxor temples

Tue May 3:   Valley of the Kings-Valley of the Queens-sail to Esna

Wed May 4: the temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo

Thu May 5:  Aswan: high dam & Nile felucca

Fri May 6:  morning in Aswan-afternoon flight back to Cairo

Sat May 7:  Cairo

Sun May 8: flight(s) home

For further details click here.













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Thank You for Your Financial Support! 









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For Kids: Cat.Chat



The Cat.Chat Family teaches your children the most important lessons on the Catholic Faith with catchy songs, jokes, and even juggling and unicycling adventures. Moses the family cat will entertain viewers to no end in the midst of learning about their exciting Catholic faith. Watch here.



















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