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St. Leonard Catholic Parish Manotick, Ont "Welcome Back!" With our children now back at school and the really warm weather behind us, it definitely seems like we are moving into our busy Fall Season. For many of us this is a time...







St. Leonard Catholic Parish

Manotick, Ont


"Welcome Back!"













With our children now back at school and the really warm weather behind us, it definitely seems like we are moving into our busy Fall Season. For many of us this is a time where our holidays are over and we think of offering service to others and, right on cue, our Gospel readings for Sunday provide some insight to guide us.









We are invited to become great in the sight of God by doing God’s will as Jesus did, surrendering our lives to Him in the service of others. In the Gospel Jesus presents the example of a little child who, in his or her own way and in the view of others, holds little greatness. The small child shows that the truly great in God's eyes, are the humble who serve others without expecting honours and privileges. 


Join us for Mass this weekend and please consider volunteering to serve in our Mass Ministries team this year. We need your help and the best way for you to get involved in your community is by becoming a volunteer. You will meet new people and grow in your faith. Please visit the Volunteer/Get Involved section below to see which positions we currently need your help with.

Be sure to check out the Worship section below for details on our Mass times and requirements.  God bless you folks, Father Gerard


PS:  If you wish to schedule an appointment with me or any other administrative requirements please contact the Parish Office by email (office@stleonardsparis...) or by phone at (613) 692-4254.

























Sept 18-19, 2021






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Saturday 4:30 pm













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Sept 25-26, 2021






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The Wicked Speak • Wisdom 2:12, 

Psalm 54:3-4, 5, 6-8
True Wisdom and Worldly Desires • James 3:16—4:3
Second Teaching of the Paschal Event and Words Against Ambition and Envy • Mark 9:30-37












Sunday Reflection: Servant of All










In today’s First Reading, it’s like we have our ears pressed to the wall and can hear the murderous grumblings of the elders, chief priests, and scribes—who last week Jesus predicted would torture and kill Him (see Mark 8:31; 10:33–34).

The liturgy invites us to see this passage from the Book of Wisdom as a prophecy of the Lord’s Passion. We hear His enemies complain that “the Just One” has challenged their authority, reproached them for breaking the law of Moses, for betraying their training as leaders and teachers. And we hear chilling words that foreshadow how they will mock Him as He hangs on the Cross: “For if the Just One be the Son of God, He will . . . deliver Him . . . ” (compare Matthew 27:41–43).










Today’s Gospel and Psalm give us the flip side of the First Reading. In both, we hear of Jesus’ sufferings from His point of view. Though His enemies surround Him, He offers Himself freely in sacrifice, trusting that God will sustain Him.


But the Apostles today don’t understand this second announcement of Christ’s Passion. They begin arguing over issues of succession—over who among them is greatest, who will be chosen to lead after Christ is killed.


Again they are thinking not as God but as human beings (see Mark 8:33). And again Jesus teaches the Twelve—the chosen leaders of His Church—that they must lead by imitating His example of love and self-sacrifice. They must be “servants of all,” especially the weak and the helpless —symbolized by the child He embraces and places in their midst.


This is a lesson for us, too. We must have the mind of Christ, who humbled Himself to come among us (see Philippians 2:5–11). We must freely offer ourselves, making everything we do a sacrifice in praise of His name.


As James says in today’s Epistle, we must seek wisdom from above, desiring humility, not glory, and in all things be gentle and full of mercy.


Dr. Scott Hahn













Regular Mass Times

  • Saturday: 4:30 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am and 11:00 am

Please note that we are still in Phase 3 of the Ontario Reopening Plan and physical distancing of 2 metres will remain in place. All attendees must continue to wear a mask. We would ask that you continue to pre-register for all weekend Masses so that we may retain adequate crowd control. Based on our experience over the last several months (ie., family configurations, # of no-shows, etc.) we are increasing our sign up limit to 98 for each of our 3 weekend Masses.


Kindly register here for this weekend: (stleonardsparishca.flo...) or through the St. Leonard website on an ongoing basis. Registration for the following weekend's Masses will be open starting Monday.  You can make reservations by visiting or, If you do not have a computer, please contact Susan in the Parish office at (613) 692-4254 before noon on Fridays and she will gladly help you out. 


Please note that no reservations are required for Weekday Masses. 

  • Wednesday-Friday: 9 am

Regular Confession times

Saturday 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm










All Weekend and Weekday Masses from St. Leonard's will be Livestreamed at the time that they are scheduled to our YouTube Channel. To visit this site click here. The 4:30 pm Saturday Mass will be recorded and made available on Saturday evening here.












Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon


Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermons will air every ‪Sunday morning at 8:15 AM Eastern Time. Click on Bishop Barron’s YouTube channel and then chose the Sunday you wish to view.






















Help Wanted!


To support our weekend Masses we are currently in need of volunteers to help in five key areas :


Altar Linens Coordinator: The various cloth items used during Mass must be laundered on a regular basis.  The linens are typically laundered on a bi-weekly basis (the middle and end of the month) using a set monthly rotation schedule.


Greeters and Ushers: Greeters and ushers make guests and parishioners feel welcome and comfortable as they gather for Mass.


Sacristans: Prepares the worship space for the liturgy, including turning on lights, setting out the appropriate Lectionaries and Missals, sacred vessels, hosts, water and wine, lighting candles, and other related duties.


Eucharistic Ministers: Assists the presiding Priest with the distribution of the Holy Eucharist. Especially needed for the 11:00 am Sunday Mass.


Lectors: Proclaims the Word of God in a respectful and effective manner. Especially needed for the 11:00 am Sunday Mass.


Training will be provided for all of these positions. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions please complete the form located here













St. Leonard CWL 16th Annual Fundraiser
Frozen Apple & Blueberry Pies


Once a year for the past 16 years members of the St. Leonard Parish CWL have prepared frozen apple and blueberry pies for sale as our only fundraiser. Proceeds go to support parish projects and charities.









Buy Frozen Pies- Support the CWL
· Order a frozen apple or blueberry pie
· Homemade pies ready for the oven when you
need a delicious treat.
· Cooking instructions included.
· Apple $17.00. Blueberry $17.00
· Last day to order is October 17th
· Limited quantity available.
· First come first served.
· These pies make lovely gifts!
· Thank you for your support!
To order contact Anne Villeneuve
Tel: 613-425-0507 Email:












Youth Ministry










Are you a young adult 






Looking for ways to use your talents in giving back to the church?  


Come be a mentor, a guide, collaborator, assisting in the continued development and engagement of catholic youth 


To discuss how you can contribute to Youth Ministry please contact Colleen Menton at 613-692-1839 after 7 pm.  


Give us a call.  We'd love to hear from you.





















Please remember your local parish during these extraordinary circumstances. If you are able to provide financial support to St. Leonard's, please consider making a donation online or by Interac e-transfer. You can also mail your envelope to the Church at the following address: Stt. Leonard Parish, 5332 Long Island Road, Manotick, ON, K4M 1E8

Thank You for Your Financial Support! 


























Faith Formation
















For Children: Juan Diego, Messenger of Guadalupe

In 1531 Juan Diego found himself between two world, that of the Spanish conquerors and that of his own Aztec heritage. Because of his love for his people and his strong faith, Juan Diego turned to Jesus and His Mother, Mary for help in uniting his people. The answer to Juan Diego's prayers has become one of the greatest events in the history of the Americas.

Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe is the true story of how the Blessed Mother chose a hero for a key role in a beautiful miracle that would unite diverse peoples and change the course of history. In the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, the miracle of the tilma of Juan Diego may still be seen, just as it was seen by the bishop in 1531. Watch Here.













Join Father Gerard for the Trip of a Lifetime! 

Save the Dates, Spring 2022


Next Spring from April 28th to May 8th, Father Gerard will be providing the spiritual leadership on the trip of lifetime to tour Egypt and its world of ancient wonders.


For further details click here.














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