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St. Leonard Catholic Parish Manotick, Ont The Fourth Sunday of Lent: "The Prodigal Son" Please note that wearing a mask is no longer required to attend Church services. Should you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, we...







St. Leonard Catholic Parish

Manotick, Ont


The Fourth Sunday of Lent: "The Prodigal Son"












Please note that wearing a mask is no longer required to attend Church services. Should you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, we encourage you to do so. As well, please note that our Catholic obligation to attend Sunday Mass will resume starting Palm Sunday, April 9, 2022.












This weekend we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Lent. It is also known as “Laetare” (Rejoice) Sunday. In our Gospel reading for this Sunday Jesus presents for us the model of “the ever-loving father” in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. This Lenten season we are invited to be reconciled with God through repentance and the confession of our sins and to rejoice as we celebrate our coming home to be with our loving and forgiving God. 









The Parable of the Prodigal Son is found in Luke chapter 15. Jesus is responding to the Pharisees’ and Scribes’ complaints that Jesus eats with tax collectors, sinners, and outcasts. He responds with the story of the woman who lost her coin, the shepherd who lost his sheep, and now the father who lost his son. All three rejoiced when that which was lost was found.


The main message of Parable of The Prodigal Son is that it does not matter how far we stray from God or how much we waste the gifts that have been given to us. God is always filled with joy when we turn back to Him. His love is unconditional,  and He is waiting to greet us with open arms when we return to Him. Every lost child who is found is a cause for a great celebration!


If you reach a point in your life when you feel that you may have squandered the gifts that God has given you and you are filled with remorse, repent and return to God. Ask him to forgive you and welcome Him into your heart. He will forgive you! He is waiting for you with open arms. God’s greatest desire is for us to repent of our sins and return to Him. In fact, God loves humankind so much that He sent His Son to earth to die for our sins (John 3:16).


At the same time, if someone has wronged you and approaches you full of repentance, be merciful. For Jesus tells us, “Be merciful as your Father is merciful.” (Luke 6:27-35)


I hope to see you at Mass this weekend as we continue our Lenten journey together.


God bless you folks, Father Gerard














Joshua 5:9a, 10-12 - Rites at Gilgal 

2 Corinthians 5:17-21 - A new creation 

Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 - The Prodigal Son 













The Passover & the Prodigal 

The event of the Passover celebrated the Hebrews' freedom from their slavery in Egypt. 


Passover also celebrates freedom from the slavery of sin. For we Christians, this is the call: to live a life "fully alive," free of addiction and self-centered egotism. This is the story of the Prodigal Son---the evocative parable that speaks up and down the generations. It's the story of us all when we selfishly grasp out of concern only for ourselves instead of honoring God, the giver of the gift and life itself. 


It's also the story of conversion and the fact that God never gives up on us. He's always scanning the horizon, waiting for us to come home. 


Everything is grace and everything is a gift. 











Consider watching this clip from the award-winning series Catholicism (formulated for school enrichment!) on the themes within the Prodigal Son: 

  • In the story of the Prodigal Son, who do I most identify with?   
    • When have I been the Son? 
    • When have I been the Father?
    • When have I been the Older Brother?
  • Why do you think Jesus spoke in parables?  Why did he tell stories instead of simply telling people facts about God?



"The glory of God is a man fully alive!"

St. Ireneaus













Holy Week Celebrations April 10 – April 17 

Holy Thursday 7 pm 

Good Friday 10 am & 3 pm 

Easter Vigil 8 pm 

Easter Sunday 9 am, 11 am


Regular Mass Times

  • Saturday: 4:30 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am and 11:00 am

Physical distancing, Mass registration, and masks are no longer required.  


Weekday Masses. 

  • Wednesday-Friday: 9 am

Regular Confession times 
Saturday 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm













All Weekend and Weekday Masses from St. Leonard's will be Livestreamed at the time that they are scheduled to our YouTube Channel. To visit this site click here. The 4:30 pm Saturday Mass will be recorded and made available on Saturday evening here.











Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon


Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermons will air every ‪Sunday morning at 8:15 AM Eastern Time. Click on Bishop Barron’s YouTube channel and then chose the Sunday you wish to view.













Take this Opportunity for YOUR voice to be heard: 


Each week we will share new information or link on how you can better understand the Synodal process in preparation for the survey that will be sent out in the spring.


This week please consider watching Monsignor Samuel Bianco speaking about the Synod in his homily and at the end of mass after his final blessing-



Questions on how to Journey together? 

Contact: Susan Killeen Ramsay

















Youth Ministry



St. Leonard Parish NET Youth Retreat (youth in grades 7 to university)   Saturday, March 26th, 6-9 PM


Registration:  To register, contact Colleen O’Mahony-Menton by Thursday, March 24th colleen.menton@rogers.... or 613-692-1839.  Please provide participant’s full name, grade or age, and email address where the retreat link can be sent.  


Overview of NET Canada’s Virtual Youth Retreats:

NET Canada’s team of dynamic youth ministers are perfectly positioned to help reach youth so that they open themselves up to having a personal relationship with God. Backed by a professional staff team and over 600 hours of ministry formation.  A NET Team can help plant seeds of faith in youth through the facilitation of retreats.


How Does It Work?

Youth in grades 7 through university are welcome with accommodation up to 40 young people. Ideally, each participant should have access to a personal device (computer, laptop, iPad, phone, etc) and a stable WiFi connection to fully participate in the retreat. The NET Team will lead the young people through games, presentations, video recorded dramas, music and prayer opportunities. It is our hope that through these retreats, young people will be inspired to invite Christ to be at the center of their lives and choose to live in the fullness of our Catholic faith.


NET Retreats 

  • 9-10 dynamic missionaries to share their story and engage with young people
  • 3 hours of live, virtual retreat content
  • Small group breakout room discussions and activities
  • A combination of live and pre-recorded video presentations
  • Guided prayer time
  • 2-3 St. Leonard adult parishioners: Trevor Ibach, Joanne Kile and Colleen O’Mahony-Menton

St. Leonard’s NET Retreat Theme: Who is Jesus?

“We owed a debt we couldn’t pay; He paid a debt He didn’t owe.” What does that mean exactly? And what does burnt roast have to do with it? Find the answer here by diving deeper into what original sin does to us, how God redeems us, and what you and your breakfast are capable of.



The facilitators were excellent. Their approach was genuine, thoughtful, and fun. The retreat was well organized and flowed from big group to small group activities seamlessly. The videos and guided prayer chosen were relevant to the age group and kept their interest engaged.” — Sacramental Coordinator

“Overall, the retreat was amazing, despite it being a bit different with everything being online, I was able to look at my relationship with God in a sort of new light.” — NET Live Participant













"What can I give back to God for the blessings he's poured out on me?"

(Psalm 116:12) If you are able to provide financial support to St. Leonard's, please consider making a donation online or by Interac e-transfer. You can also mail your envelope to the Church at the following address: St. Leonard Parish, 5332 Long Island Road, Manotick, ON, K4M 1E8.


         Thank You for Your Financial Support!  

























Faith Formation
















For the Family: Lent with Brother Francis


Click Here.












If you wish to schedule an appointment with Father Gerard or for any other administrative requirements please contact the Parish Office by email (office@stleonardsparis...) or by phone at (613) 692-4254.














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